To eliminate oxidation issues, we recommend packing your preforms in daily-usage quantities; perhaps under a protective atmosphere. Depending on the particular product concerned, we then generally offer a guaranteed shelf-life – if stored properly. We pack in every container available on the market: glass jars, poly bags, bottles, in rolls or on spools; whatever your needs might be.

Tape and reel blister packs to DIN EN 60286-3:2014-02

Blister packs offer particularly good protection to components, as well as making for easy automated production processes. Our packaging line can handle components with edge lengths of up to 60 mm; if required in ESD [electrostatic discharge] anti-static plastic materials. Each cavity is hot-sealed with a plastic cover foil. The tape widths can vary between 8 and 72 mm. To provide for safe transportation, filled tapes, wound onto plastic reels, are further sealed in poly bags.


Type Procedure Advantages
Loose packed manual or semi-automated Economical, for non-critical product requirements
Stacked manual or semi-automated Excellent cost-benefit, for higher product demands
Waffle pack semi-automated Optimum solution for high product requirements
Tape and reel Fully automated The best solution for fully automated assembly lines