Whichever alloy you might be looking for, purity is our guiding principle. Our melting processes start with high-purity metals (generally minimum 99,99 %), because even tiny impurities can reduce the wettability of a solder. Nummerous PFARR solders are deployed flux-free under reducing atmospheres or under vacuum.

Using diverse melting techniques we are able to offer a wide production spectrum. The enormous range of elements used in our melts range from Sn, Pb, Ag, Au, Ni, Co, Cu, Pd, In, Sb, Bi, through rare earths to metalloids like Ge.

PFARR Stanztechnik alloys and dopes to individual customer requirements. If you wish you can choose every detail ofan alloy you require. Though, of course, you are also free to call on our wide range of regularly produced alloys. List of Alloys

Our technical material support staff can help you in choosing suitable alloys:  Sales