Metallic pressings from PFARR Stanztechnik as preforms or in the form of tape, primarily made of solder and braze materials, are used in a range of soldering applications. Our customers are mainly drawn from the following industry sectors:

  • automotive and aerospace
  • microelektronics
  • switching and high power electronics
  • sensors and optoelectronics
  • heating technology
  • medical technology

Products from PFARR Stanztechnik are used in wide-ranging soldering technologies. Preforms are more economical than soldering with paste and more environmentally friendly. The advantages of using precise amounts of shaped solder with carefully controlled geometries include:

  • the precise control of solder volume and distribution
  • soldering without flux is possible
  • solder processes are highly flexible
  • reduced voiding by elimination of flux outgassing
  • no mechanical pressure required
  • simplified processes eliminating contact pressure and post-process cleaning
  • reduced manufacturing costs
  • improved cost-benefit balance

Our build products are found in a diverse range of final products and materials including:

  • fuses
  • coating materials like sputtertargets and vapour deposition products
  • sealing situations
  • plastic stamped parts for electrical insulation
  • masking foils
  • etc.

Our products are not limited to these listed product areas. New ideas and applications drive us to discover new solutions.

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