Health and safety and environmental issues

A key commitment of our company is to preserve the natural environment in which we live and operate while offering our employees a work setting free from health concerns. In the longer term, this can only be achieved by responsible interaction with our natural resources; supported by appropriate free market mechanisms and a dedication to health and safety.

We believe that a free market economy guided by a strict commitment to quality, the environment and health and safety will provide the maximum corporate growth potential, securing the needs of future generations. For these reasons, we hold environmental responsibility and health and safety concerns to be vital cornerstones of our corprorate management. They are thus central commitments for each and every employee in their daily activities.

PFARR Stanztechnik is certified to DIN 14001:201.

PFARR: Fundamentals of our environmental protection and health and safety policies

TÜV-Certificate: DIN 14001:2015